5 Simple Steps To Get Your A/C Ready For Summer

It’s May in Minnesota, and while we’ve had a few warm days already, the real heat is yet to come. To help make sure you’re ready for Minnesota’s heat and humidity this summer, we’ve put together a short checklist for you to make sure your A/C is ready when you need it.

  • Make sure the outside Air Conditioning (A/C) unit is clear of any debris to allow for proper airflow through the unit. (leaves, grass clippings, cottonwood seed…)
  • Check your furnace filter and replace if necessary.
  • When the outdoor temperature gets above 60 degrees for 2-3 days in a row, test your A/C unit by turning your thermostat to COOL mode and adjust the temp setting to below room temperature (There may be a 3-5 minute delay). Make sure the furnace fan and the outdoor unit turn on and cool air is blowing out of your vents after about 3-5 minutes. If the A/C fails to start, check your A/C breaker in the electrical panel.
  • If you have a whole house humidifier mounted on your furnace, turn the damper to the summer setting and turn the humidifier control OFF. (Set a reminder in your phone to turn it back on next winter.)
  •  If you hear any unusual noises, notice water under your furnace, or if the system will not come on and blow cold air, call your local HVAC company to have it serviced.

Here’s to a long, HOT, Minnesota Summer!

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